Iron Horse Bully's

Olde' English Bulldogges

& Shorty Bulls

"Where Legends Are Born"

Welcome to Iron Horse Bully's, "Where Legends are Born".

Iron Horse Bully's is a small family owned and operated Kennel. We Breed Olde English Bulldogges and Also Shorty Bulls. We breed these Awesome and Loyal Dogs as a hobby. We are striving to Improve these awesome breeds by breeding healthy Dogs with Great Bloodlines. All of our dogs are healthy. They are free breeders and free whelpers. They have no skin, eye, or hip problems. My wife is a veterinary technician, and all of our dogs are checked, and then checked again for any hereditary/ genetic health issues as well as any health problems at all.

  These Dogs ARE NOT todays Modern English Bulldogs.

Although we love the modern English Bulldog we have found that they have extensive genetic health issues due to the inbreeding and out crosses to the Pug that occurred during the early developmental stages of the English Bulldog. Such health issues include breathing problems, skin allergies, little or no heat tolerance and breeding/whelping problems.

We here at Iron Horse Bully's uphold and hold true to the International Olde' English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA) and Bull Breed Coalition (BBC) Standards and Code of Ethics. We are a registered breeder of the IOEBA and BBC, and all of our dogs are IOEBA and BBC registered. 

We breed for health, athleticism and conformation. We do not breed our dogs for special or rare colors. Health, temperament and structure are first and foremost in our breeding goals, color is  an added bonus but not the most important part of our  breeding program.

Every puppy we produce, will be up to date on shots and worming prior to going to their new homes. They also will have a 1 year health guarantee against any hereditary health issues. Puppies will have been properly socialized in a loving family environment, ensuring that each pup will grow to be a happy healthy and well adjusted adult.

Thank you for visiting Iron Horse Bully's; we hope that you enjoy our dogges and our site as much as we do . Come back again!

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Iron Horse Bullys

Olde' English Bulldogges

& Shorty Bulls

"Where Legends Are Born"